Tinnex [Caroverine] offers the most effective treatment for Tinnitus

Know the Disease Tinnitus

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is simply perception of ‘ringing or noise’ in the ear. And it is a purely subjective experience because no such sound exists in the environment. Tinnitus symptoms may include buzzing, roaring, ringing, whistling, or hissing sounds in one ear or both ears. Most of the time, The causes of Tinnitus are other prevailing ear disorders.

There is no perfect Tinnitus cure available however, there are certain proven tools and therapies available for Tinnitus treatment in India. Depending on the specific condition of the patients, the experts may suggest solutions like Hearing Aids, Sound Therapies, Wellness Therapies, TMJ Treatment, Tinnitus Retraining Therapies, or Drug Therapies with Tinnitus medications like Tinnex Capsules and Tinnex Injections.

You can listen to the sounds that are experienced by a patient suffering from Tinnitus disease. If someone is hearing Tinnitus symptoms on a regular basis, and wondering how to cure Tinnitus? Consult the experts and seek Tinnitus treatment immediately.

Experience Tinnitus Sounds

ATA Tinnitus 4000Hz Tone

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnex: Capsules and Injections

Tinnex is the revolutionary formulation created by Lincoln Pharmaceuticals, for effective management of Tinnitus. Tinnex is based on Caroverine drug which has 75% to 80% success rate in reducing the severity, intensity, and duration of Tinnitus. Caroverine has Glutamate Receptor Antagonistic, Antioxidant, Otoneuroprotective, and Calcium Channel Blocker properties which helps in stabilizing the disturbed membranes, creating relief from the false perception of sounds.

  • Exerts Antiglutamatergic Activity
  • Potential Otoneuroprotective
  • Restores Mechanosensitivity & Mechanotransduction of Hair Cells
  • Reverses Oxidative Stress by Antioxidant Activity
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Tinnex Advantages

Tinnex is approved by the competent Indian authorities such as INDIAN FDA, DCGI [Drug Controller General of India], after completion of all the requisite clinical trials and studies. This is the biggest advantage for upto 5 million people suffering from Tinnitus in India.

Tinnex Injection

Indicated in Cochlear Synaptic Tinnitus Cases

  • Instant relief
  • Noise protector, Otoneuroprotective, and Neuroregenerative
  • Stimulates nerve cell growth after cochlear implants
  • Restores acoustic stimulus & receptors
  • Excellent tolerability
  • No side effects (In some cases a little headache is observed which subsides easily)
  • Potent Antioxidant (Inhibits ROS [Reactive Oxygen Species] Generation)
  • Enhances QOL [Quality Of Life]
Tinnex Capsules

Indicated in cases of Tinnitus, Presbycusis, and Speech Discrimination

  • Convenient oral dosages
  • Noise protector, Otoneuroprotective, and Neuroregenerative
  • Stimulates nerve cell growth after cochlear implants
  • Restores acoustic stimulus & receptors
  • Excellent tolerability
  • No noticeable side effects
  • Best as long-term maintenance therapy
  • Potent Antioxidant (Inhibits ROS [Reactive Oxygen Species] generation)
  • Enhances QOL [Quality Of Life]


The PMS studies are designed for comparison of a drug with existing ones, to monitor a drug’s long-term effectiveness, or to evaluate impact of a drug on patients’ quality of life in the ‘Real World’ setting of Daily Clinical Practice. A paired t-test was performed on a sample of 73 patients to determine whether there was a statistically significant mean difference between the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) before and after treatment.

Dr. Ashim Desai Testimonial
Dr. Ashim Desai

M.S. in ENT (Bom)

D.O.R.L. in ENT (Bom)

The results showed that after treatment, the Visual Analog Scale got decreased (3.66 ± 1.56) as compared to pre-treatment Visual Analog Scale (5.82 ± 1.38), which is highly significant (95% C.I.; P = 0.000). Overall the study results suggested 75- 80% success rate in reducing severity, intensity & duration of Tinnitus with enhanced hearing capacity.

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